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Published-AuthorImran Rahman has been methodically guiding many of the most recognized Information & Internet Marketing gurus to get more leads, generate more revenue & profits, and significantly grow their personal brands and online businesses for over 9 years.

An avid learner, a lifelong student of business and marketing, as well as an Author, Speaker, and a seasoned Marketing Strategist, Mr. Rahman has helped launch hundreds of successful projects such as apps, books, brands, ebooks, events, eCommerce stores, home study courses, membership sites, sales funnels, webinar presentations and websites.

Mr. Rahman started his career as a Computer Software & Hardware, Repair & Troubleshooting Specialist eventually transitioning as a Network Engineer working for an ISP over the course of 6 years.

Eventually, Mr. Rahman left the Information Technology world behind to manage his family’s small retail store, where he fell in love with being a business owner and entrepreneur.

Right as a leading international grocery chain opened up a store just a mile from the family’s small retail operation crushing it’s revenue and profits, Mr. Rahman pivoted once more in his career in his career in search of “The Ideal Business.”

This time he was able to secure an internship working for an up and coming Information & Internet Marketer where he was able to help generate over $1 Million in revenue with his first online project. Since then Mr. Rahman has been an integral part of helping build and launch tens of brands, companies, projects and generating over $6 Million in offline and online sales.

Mr. Rahman has worked with countless Internet Marketing Industry’s most respected and successful gurus such as Dustin Mathews and Dave VanHoose of Speaking Empire, Daven Michaels of 123 Employee, John Souza of Social Media Marketing University, Mike Calhoun of BizBlueprint, Giancarlo Barraza of The Millionaire Mastermind, and Sam Bell of PPC Boutique. He has also personally collaborated and consulted with Russell Brunson, Rich Schefren, Kevin Harrington, Robert Allen.

Mr. Rahman was able to systematically achieve these results by leveraging timeless business best practices and applying his branding, copywriting, direct response marketing, and information technology expertise with a revenue and result focused perspective. Mr. Rahman currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.

Next Imran connected with a leading online marketing education company, where he helped create, implement, and manage online business systems that provided training and courses on Social Media to over a 122,000 students ranging from small business employees to Fortune 500 corporate Social Media Managers. Imran is the author of Be More, Do More, Have More: 365 Empowerment Tips for a Powerful & Purposeful Life. He is also a Certified ScrumMaster, a highly-regarded framework for Agile methodology in Software Development Project Management. After 17 years, Imran in now living the American Dream in Denver, Colorado where he is the CEO of Rahman Media, a full service boutique online marketing agency focused on the ideation, implementation, and management of online lead generation and automated marketing systems.

Published Author

Imran is the author of “Be More. Do More. Have More: 365 Empowerment Tips. In this book he shares simple timeless wisdom from all different arenas of life such as physical, financial, relational, and many more.

Dynamic Consultant

Imran consults many unique businesses, across a variety of fields. He has consulted fortune 50 companies on how to develop business models, business strategies and marketing techniques. He customizes his approach while taking into account the different factors that are at play in diverse business environments.

Innovative Speaker

Imran’s message will inspire any audience not just through motivation, but by sharing specific, actionable steps that bring companies profits and maximize productivity. With locations including London, Dominican Republic, and all throughout the U.S., Imran travels regularly to speak at industry events.

Professional Trainer

Imran leads training classes on marketing strategy, business development, communication, digital marketing, and many other topics. Imran shares specific techniques and strategies targeted to help businesses get results. With an enthusiastic, refreshing, and innovative training style, Imran helps companies tune in their marketing strategy and business initiatives.

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