The 9 Fastest Ways To Become A 100% More Efficient and Effective at Work and In Life Within the Next 24 Hours Even If You Don’t Have Time To Read This Article Right Now

1. Create and follow a Morning Success Routine. Wake up earlier than everyone else and use that time to tackle the things that are important to your overall well being such as stretching and exercise, meditation, reading and writing. The idea is to do something good for YOUR body, mind, and soul, before you deal with the demands of the upcoming day.

2. At the end of each work day, create a list of everything you need to do tomorrow. This list should be a part of a bigger list which is your life mission worked backward into yearly, monthly, and weekly milestones. The list should be organized according to priority following the Stephen Covey Urgent/Important Time Matrix because there is a massive difference between being busy vs being productive. Whether it was the Egyptian Pyramids or The Great Wall of China, they were all built one brick at a time. Use the day time unit to build your wall of success by design.

3. At the beginning of each work day, scan your email and phone inboxes to add urgent/important matters to your list from the night before. Do not answer anything or anyone just yet. First get clear on what your intention is for the day and also pick three items you MUST get done. Then train yourself with the discipline to always do these three tasks before you do ANYTHING else. Stay focused on tasks that are Not Urgent but Important and only react to tasks that are Important and Urgent.

4. Perform tasks in blocks and chunks. Make all your calls in one block, send all your emails in another, and schedule all your meetings back to back. This allows you to focus, build momentum, and save time. You must be proactive with your agenda and schedule or you will constantly react to everything else that comes your way.

5. Minimize interruptions, disruptions, and distractions.  Remove any objects in your work and personal environment that make you feel bad, sad, or negative.  Avoid interruptions as often as you can whether phone, text, email, social media, chat, or in person, because each time you are interrupted it will take you quite some time to get refocused with that you were doing at the same level of concentration.  You want to create a work environment where you can be in flow and be at peace, focused on getting the things done that really matter.

6. When it comes to others doing work for you, use the following paradigm: “Who Will Manage Who Will Do What By When In What Order.” Get clarity on the task, timeline, priority, and a designated person to ensure the people and the project stay on point and you will greatly increase productivity and output.

7. Create a list of your goals, affirmations, and things you’re grateful for and read that list first thing in the morning and before going to bed. It’s critical you program your subconscious mind according to yourself or you WILL get programmed and conditioned by external influences.

8. Control what stimuli you allow into your mind. Whatever you input through your senses is what your subconscious mind will work on for you. If you do not give it some seriously huge challenge to solve, you are simply not utilizing your intellectual assets. Let it go to work for you for the smallest to the biggest of your challenges and write the answers down when they come through because they will.

9. Create and follow a Nightly Success Routine. End your day with reflection, peace, and gratitude and allow it to carry into your being as you go to sleep. This is also the best time to read or write and allow you subconscious to solve challenges for you while you sleep. This will set you up to start the next day like a winner. Remember, Early to bed, early to rise makes a man wealthy, healthy, and wise.

Bonus 10. Master and live The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, one of the most brilliant men that ever lived!

Here they are for your review in my words. They are in order and build on each other. The first three are interpersonal, character habits, the following three are people and world related, and the last is self-renewal.

Habit 1. Be Proactive – Take 100% responsibility for your life and accept that you are at cause for the effects you experience in life. You are responsible for all of it, the good, the bad, and specially the ugly. Now you have the power to do something about it!

Habit 2. Begin With The End In Mind – Decide what you want out of every area of your life, then create a mission and purpose statement that ties in with yearly, monthly, weekly, daily goals that are scheduled into your calendar as recurring items. You must schedule success and calendar your dreams or the current of life will take you in its own direction.

Habit 3. Put First Things First – Do what’s important to you according to your life mission first before you do everything else. If it’s not an emergency involving a human, it can wait. The things that matter the most should never be at the mercy of the things that matter the least.

Habit 4. Think Win/Win – Always go for the solution that uplifts all parties involved. Do not settle for win/lose or lose/win on any deal. Instead of sacrificing, or compromising, creatively cooperate to reach a deal that serves everyone.

Habit 5. Seek First To Understand Before You Seek To Be Understood – Always respect and appreciate the others perspective. It’s just as valid and right to the other as your own perspective is to you. Humans will do almost anything for you if you show that you care and understand.

Habit 6. Synergize – The fastest way to fly like an eagle is to become friends with them, which is why we are all here right? Mastermind every chance you get, when two smart humans collaborate, the world becomes a little better.

Habit 7. Sharpen The Saw – Learn something new that’s of interest to you everyday. Constantly improve and work to get better each day and those tiny little daily improvements will be leaps of advancement over the years. The more you learn the more you earn, the more you know the more you grow.

Enjoy the results and share this article with others 🙂

Imran Rahman
Business & Life Success Strategist