I recently attended an amazing seminar by Anil Gupta. To put it simply, it forever changed my life! Here are my notes from the day so you can benefit too!

There is no trying.

The words that you use define your life.

Namaste is ONE powerful greeting. It means, the God (or light) In Me acknowledges the God (or light) in You.

Ask open ended questions.

There’s nothing anyone else can do to make you upset. You choose it yourself.

What other people think of me is none of my business.

We are Born w/ avg 235 relationships. The common thread in all those is you.

Listen to the greatness others speak of in you.

Little imperfections make us perfect.

Choose to see more humor in humanity.

We don’t know how much time we have together.

Work on yourself and everything will take care if itself.

Who you are being is far more important than what you say.

Infinite patience produces immediate results.

Expectations always lead to upsets.

Humans love to be right.

It’s not really about what happens to us, rather who we become.

The quality of your life is dependent about upon the quality of your questions you ask yourself consistently.

Instead of judging myself, I observe myself.

Clarity is power.

You need to know where you are.

You will always get to where you get to.

Awareness -> clarity -> power -> results -> success -> fulfillment.

Hence become aware and be fulfilled.

When would now be a good time.

If God is with me, who can be against me.

Know. Know that you don’t know. Don’t know that you don’t know.

Kid. Pool. Mom. Drowning. God analogy.

Regrets are the lies that our mind tells us.

Tasks require input.

I choose to be healthy, eat small lean meals. And be fit.

Look within for all your problems. All solutions are within you.

Detachment is the key to fulfillment.

Mind sets expectations.

Choose an introspective approach.

The answer can only come from within the individual.

Perfection is not achievable.

Definition of Love = acceptance.

Humans are Meaning making machines.

The answer can only come from within another person.

Success is progress.

Ask myself is what I am doing to serve/please me or someone else…

Work on ourselves first, always.

Who I spend time with is who I become.

The definition of love is acceptance.

My love for my friends & family is and will always be unconditional.

Honor others imperfections.

Dating can be acting.

Filters are our belief/pre-conceived notions towards another person or situation.

Make your partner #1 in your life so your kids can learn to make their Partner #1 in their lives.

The past does not create the future. It has simply brought us to where we are today. The boat moves forward because of it’s propellers not because of the wake.

I am conscious that I want to help everyone.

For you to change your life… You must change.

The quality of your communication will determine the quality of a relationship

It’s not what you say but how you say it.

Train others how to deal with you.

There is nothing to try. You either do things or you don’t.

Listening is communication.

Eye contact is communication.

Your communication makes your relationships thrive

The ultimate secret to life is gratitude.

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