I recently had the pleasure to meet Geri Carter (pictured left with her husband, Tim) from Carter & Evans Therapy, checkout their website here. Her insights into relationships were simply profound! Below are my notes from the talk- Enjoy 😉

-Fill in the details by asking questions
-Even do things wrong with confidence
-Find someone you are going to grow with over the years and be flexible yet firm
-Listen to people wholeheartedly, then make the problem solvable by helping them see things differently
-Always take the time to evaluate what you are doing in life and why
-Women can’t stand being ignored
-Validate people’s feeling and that builds rapport
-Side step the little things.. be mature and your relationship will last long
-Side step the urge to “call out” your partner on the little stuff and it will go a LONG way. You can then bring it up later if you really need to when the “energy setting” is different
-When you get upset, let it out right then instead of holding it in
-Train yourself to only remember the good in others

This is super powerful below:

Habits that Disconnect

-Rewarding to control

Habits that Connect

-Negotiating difference & problem solving

Thanks for the awesome insights Geri!

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