Back in the days I just went to and searched for whatever I was looking for.

And then I met Google.

Ever since then, I have been hooked. Google has truly been an amazing lens into the internet allowing me to instantly focus on whatever it is that I am looking for.

Google simply revolutionized the Internet forever!

Besides the fact that everyone just says “Google It” when they don’t know the answer for a question asked, the word Google has been officially added to the Dictionary…like you didn’t already know that.

So how is Google so successful?

The answer is easy: Simplicity.

Google simplified the search to a single logo, search box, and two buttons. When I went to for searching, I saw all kinds of other things. And that is just the front end…on the back end Google does some extreme Ninja stunts that only Larry and Sergey are capable of pulling off in the entire world. Google’s back-end technology was and still is the best.

Simply put, Google revolutionized the Internet for ever by allowing the average person like you and I to instantly find out what they are looking for…and that is just 1/1000000000th of what Google does. Images, Maps, Videos, Documents, Calendar, News, Shopping, Gmail, Books, Finance, Translate, need I say more.

Thank you God for giving us Google, what a blessing!

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