hands_togetherSo, who am I to tell you to never give up?

I don’t know you and we have never met. I don’t know your challenges and the struggle that you have faced up until this point. And I certainly don’t claim to know what may be in the store for you in the future.

So again, who am I to tell you to never give up?

I believe that we as humans have so much more in common than we could have ever thought possible. When was the last time you recall relating with another individual through the lens of commonality? Think about that for a moment.

You and I have more in common than I could talk about for hours.

We are both energy beings. We both have a physical body which has the ability to explore and experience this marvelous physical dimension. We were both born into families and places we did not pick. Neither of us picked our sex before birth. We did not choose much of what happened to us in the foundational years of our early life. We just experienced it.

We both became conscious of life one day, realizing that we are spirit in a physical body enjoying planet earth while it’s spinning around the sun, which in turn is spinning around something else, and so on…

You and I are simply concentrations of consciousness who are experiencing the physical dimension in a physical body. We are a part of something so much bigger than us, it is like a single cell in your body trying to imagine what it’s place is in the grand scheme of things.

I could go on and on-

The bottom line is that we have tremendous commonalities if we just sit down for a moment and think about them.

And so I understand your struggle in life because I face and confront mine every morning when I wake up. I share the same experience through my own aspects, just as you do through yours.

You may be facing a plethora of problems and challenges in your life at the current moment.

You may be lost spiritually, not knowing which religion or faith is the answer for you. You may be experiencing the symptoms of a chronic disease at this time which is taking a serious toll on your affairs. You may not be blessed with the relationships and intimacy from other humans that you are naturally wired to crave. You might be sick and tired of school and unsure of where it will take you in the future. You may be experiencing financial lack at this time. And so on and so forth…

Let me share a mindset with you which will make your life easier.

Repeat after me, aloud: “Every problem in the universe has a solution.”

One more time, aloud: “”Every problem in the universe has a solution.”

Yes. It does. There is two ways you can find it. You can either find it yourself (hint: Google it!), or find another person that knows the solution or where to find the solution.

I swear it is that simple. If you choose to view life with a mindset that says.. “problems are a normal state of affairs in life and I realize that every problem in the universe has a solution,” you will just have an easier time going about life. Try it for yourself. If it does not work out for you, find something that does.

So, you and I agree that we all experience problems and challenges while on the journey of life and that there are solutions for those problems out there as long as we are conscious and willing to solve our issues. That is a fact.

What ticks me off big time, and I mean big time (which is why I am taking the time to share this my thoughts with you in regards to this subject) is when people just give up on all different areas of their life.

They give up on their dreams, their challenges, their problems, and their struggles. They stagnate at the current level of intelligence and skill, choosing not to grow and expand their abilities as time progresses while expecting others to hand things to them. They begin to believe that the problems they are experiencing in the areas of spirituality, health, relationships, finances, etc. currently are always going to stop them from experiencing life to the fullest capacity…

For those people I say never give up on your struggle of life because you are a part of a larger whole whose agenda is to advance and move forward. That larger whole that we are all a part of is consciousness. Consciousness is our commonality and it is the canvas on which time, space, and matter are painted.

So I say to you that the larger whole of life is moving forward. That you must move forward because that is what you are wired to do. It is the only way that you can begin to align yourself with the spirit of our universe and experience the joy and abundance that is everywhere around us.

So go out there and give life all you got. You were born to do it.


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