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Imran Rahman – Hire Imran To Speak

Imran Rahman is an author and speaker, digital marketing strategist, Founder & CEO of Rahman Media, and Director of Marketing at Formula Ink.


Imran’s message will inspire any audience not just through motivation, but by sharing specific, actionable steps that bring companies profits and maximize productivity. With locations including London, Dominican Republic, and all throughout the U.S., Imran travels regularly to speak at industry events. Imran is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker and shares valuable information on what is working in today’s market. Having worked for startups all the way to Fortune 50 companies, his unique perspective on marketing and business brings unprecedented results. His presentations are highly engaging, containing accelerated learning techniques, and inspire the audience in a way that they feel compelled to take action.

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Online Business Development

With over 10 years experience in the IT industry, Imran has pulled together best practices and developed techniques and strategies that will put online ventures and businesses into a much more optimal position to generate awareness and increase income. Using his strategies and systems, develop your online presence into a profitable revenue source for your business.

Imran Rahman is AMAZING!!!!! I had an incredible experience with him building my personal website.

– Roni Elissabeth Sloman [ Owner of Bella Prana Yoga Studio ]

I have to say I am quite impressed with you and your team thus far. Thank you for the great work, and the coaching.

– Guy Fraker [ Leading Innovation Authority ]

Imran is brilliant when it comes to business. He’s been in this world of online marketing for many many years. He just really knows strategy. He knows how to put together campaigns & sales funnels. He understands the customer journey… what they are thinking, what they need, what they don’t need. We’ve had Imran involved in branding conversations as well as he’s put together some automated webinars for us that are doing thousands of dollars every month.

– Coach Sean Smith [ Speaker & The Coach‘s Coach ]

Imran and I have been doing business together for the last two years. My experience has been both educational, profitable and fun! Imran REALLY knows his business and how to translate that knowledge into YOUR business to make higher profits. I highly recommend working with Imran because he positive, creative and personable. Imran Rahman is really AMAZING!!!!!

– Randy Hughes [ Land Trust Expert ]

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